Monetization Optimization

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One of the most valuable ways to improve the monetization of websites is by niche research and website optimization. This is where we come in.

We will complete a full professional audit of your website and industry with the goal of increasing your profits. These services can include:

  • Optimizing click through rates and conversions
  • Suggesting design, usability, and SEO improvements
  • Researching profitable keywords and content
  • Locating new affiliate programs
  • Brokering direct advertising deals

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Case Studies

Food & Kitchen Website

Between January and December of 2017, we elevated a blog utilizing Amazon Associates from $1,800 profit to $30,000 profit.

We also landed a direct manufacturer advertising deal for $48,000 – paid up front. The terms were to display the ad on the site for a full year. For the website’s owner, this was 3 minutes worth of work that netted $48,000 that they never even knew was an option.

Another item worth mentioning is this website’s traffic was under 100k monthly visits.

Pet Blog

We worked with this client to help elevate stagnant earnings and diversify revenues by doing niche research to discover rank-able content that matches high-paying affiliate programs. The site was primarily Amazon Associates based and made revenues by referring Amazon products.

After conducting niche research, we discovered numerous content opportunities that had great potential, including:

  • new and growing industry
  • high paying affiliates
  • low competition
  • diversified earnings

A few months after consulting with the owner and suggesting which pieces of content to focus on, the site doubled in profits and had a 20%/40%/40% revenue stream instead of 100% from Amazon.

Between 2019 and 2020, the new revenue streams from 3rd party affiliates grew exponentially to $30,000/mo.